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My achievements

  • Daily or, if necessary, twice daily arrival. Of course, also on Sundays and public holidays.

  • Cleaning the litter boxes and bowls.

  • Feeding and grooming

  • Medication administration, if necessary injections.

  • In an emergency, a visit to the veterinarian you have named ( here, as well as in other unexpected events , I will not assume any of the costs that may arise !).

  • Communication with you via WhatsApp or SMS.

  • Ventilate, empty the mailbox and water the flowers.

  • . . . and of course: cuddle and cuddle a lot.

Please understand that it must be assumed that your cats are dewormed, vaccinated and free from parasites.

The keys are handed over by arrangement.

My prices

Per hour


€ 25, -

Every 1/2 hour

€ 18, -

Per hour


€ 30

Every 1/2 hour

€ 20, -

From the 10th day of care, prices as agreed

! ! No additional costs , such as fuel costs, travel expenses or the like, are charged! !

Please consider that the offer of "half-hour care" cannot include the full wellness program for your loved ones. Half an hour should only be booked as a second trip to your cats. Here, for example, for the necessary supply of medication and of course always for cleaning and feeding .

According to § 19 UStG no sales tax is charged.

Payment in advance at the start of care.

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